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Oceannaire Loofah Soap

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Escape Into A Seaside Paradise with Our Oceannaire Loofah Soap

Scented: Ocean Waters

Our Oceannaire Loofa Soap smells amazing it has
a fresh blend of clean cotton, orange blossom, blue freesia, and ocean musk has the perfect texture for an invigorating shower—not too rough, not too smooth. Scrubbing with a Loofah Soap exfoliates (removes dead skin cells) and increases blood circulation, to leave skin healthy.

Why You'll Love This Product 

  • Elevates mood 
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Cleanses body

This Product Smells Like

  • Sweet fruit
  • Floral notes
  • Watery musk

Key Ingredients

  • Orange blossom
  • Cotton scent
  • Blue freesia



For external use only. These can be used in both baths and showers.


3.5 ounces


Each shower steamer contains menthol crystals. Do not use these like bath bombs! For showers ONLY.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Times May Vary due to location. Please allow 7-14* days for your order to process before shipment begins.

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds will be given.

Please reach out directly with any questions or concerns.


About Steamers

Each of our shower steamers are especially made from the "Soule". Plan on relaxing and unwinding from a very long day. If you are under the weather, our steamers will aid in your road to recovery. The shower therapy you will experience with our one of a kind steamers will reduce stress, calm migraines/provide headache relief. We provide steamers to help you relax for a great night's sleep or energize the beginning of your day. Once this shower steamer is activated by the water, the essence of essential oil blend will trigger treasured memories and provoke enjoyable thoughts.

Proven Benefits

Ease migrane and headache pain using our Migrane Shower Steamer. Packed with powerful ingredients, this steamer will open up your pores and send you into a calm relaxation.

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  • Research + Experience

    We've spent years perfecting our blends to give our customers the most beneficial shower experience.

  • A Luxury Shower Experience

    Turning your daily shower into a spa experience is easy with Watering Soule Shower Steamers. For those who prefer a shower over a bath, shower steamers are perfect for relaxation.